I can help you increase your bottom line in sensible, sustainable ways.

My business coaching and consultancy combine NASA’s rigorous methods, learned as a Space Shuttle and Spacelab engineer, with decades of experience creating and enhancing systems companies use to make more profits. NASA taught me to approach issues differently, so I have a particular talent for finding solutions where most people see a brick wall. Last but not least, I am a dual citizen of the UK and USA accustomed to working across national and cultural boundaries.

One size fits all growth plans are inadequate. I offer three packages that can be taken separately or in combination to cater to your specific needs:

• Coaching and advisory service, starting with a 45 minute taster for operating companies of at least 500k annual revenue. The session is free of charge if I don’t deliver at least as much as I promise (and when I do meet my promise, you get my fee a few times over in growth on your bottom line without simply throwing more money at marketing).

• Online learning for ‘do it yourself’ growth with emphasis on how to improve marketing and sales. This e-learning system is used by over 5000 businesses across more than 50 countries. Step by step modules help you produce more leads, close more sales and dramatically increase your net profit.

• In the special situation of a small business with a ‘diamond in the rough’ B2B innovation where its value is apparent but it isn’t ready for prime time, my Slipstream program can help you polish and launch it without borrowing or trading away equity. Slipstream can take you into rapid sustainable growth with lower risk than conventional approaches.

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